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Themes: Open Air, A magazine and A Personal Blog Theme

Open Air Theme | Design

Another collaboration between ourselves and WooThemes, the result: this stunning theme with optional layouts. We’ve realized, that while a lot of people no doubt love magazine style themes - there are still a lot of people who would like the option of having something a little more personal. So here you have it!

As always with WooThemes there is a range of colours to chose from, and a really easy to manage back end, which means whichever layout you chose - it’s always easy enough to manage.

Theme Description

OpenAir is designed to have a very sort and open feel to them, with soft subtle gradients and border with great use of white space to give a spacious and elegant feel to your content. We’ve set the theme around a grid based layout so that information can easily be seen and read throughout.

Theme Details


We’ve made navigation very easy and well presented through the theme. At the top you have any links/pages you’d like. And along the other navigation/tabs we have a list of categories. Making it very easy for you to browse through the categories, and to see which category you are in at any given time.

Post Info & Related Posts

Related posts are a great way of encouraging exploration to your website. And we’re used to seeing them hidden away in posts or at the end of posts, but why not have them on the front page next to a post? They are easily accessible now next to any post.

Grid Layout

Grids are undoubtedly a great way of displaying a lot of information, in a easy to browse and manage way. OpenAir makes great use of grids in this way to display older posts in a much more attractive way.

Download & Demo

Download & Details |  Demo |  Blog Post

Use the links above o read more about the theme and to experience it for yourself. We’ve had a few releases on WooThemes and are really proud to be working along side some great guys. Not only do they provide great looking themes, but if you purchase a theme you’ll no doubt be impressed with their support forums and custom back-end theme options. And right now they are running a 3 for 1 deal on all of there themes, Including this one.

Dashball Lite

I’m excited to announce that the free version of Dashball has just been approved by Apple and is now available at the App Store. The free version comes with the same improved accelerometer controls as the recently released Dashball 1.1 update.

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