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40 Cute Free Twitter Graphics: Badges, Icons & Buttons…

We’ve put together this free set of unique twitter graphics. Simply drag and drop the various graphics, icons, badges and buttons into your work free of charge. There really is no limit to what you can do with this brilliant set, lovingly designed by Pasquale D’Silva

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If you enjoy the free set make sure you follow us both on Twitter: Follow me (Liam) @liammckay or @darkmotion (Pasquale) on Twitter!

Preview of the Set

The set includes 40 Files in total, all in Transparent .png format. The buttons etc come with PSD files too so you can edit and re-size them as needed. The original characters come as a large High Res image which makes it very easy to scale down and use however you want. We’ve included many size variations for you, and everything from badges, to silhouette so hopefully it should be as easy as possible for you to use them.

Download the Set

The full set comes in a .zip containing all of the graphics, which we’ve nicely organized. If you are going to share the set make sure you do so my sharing the Post URL, so in other words don’t link directly to the file. If you are using the set for your design work a link back is not required, but always appreciated.

Download Full Set | 5.5 MB | .ZIP

Special Thanks to Pasquale

Pasquale D’Silva is the artist behind the twitter bird characters. I’ve worked with Pasquale to bring you many free characters in the past and each time he’s injected a lot of fun and charm into the designs. He’s a fantastic guy with a great humor and a raw talent for this sort of thing. So if you’re ever in need of some character design work be sure to get in touch:

Pasquale’s Blog
Darkmotion is the Blog he runs, very entertaining.

Pasquale’s Portfolio
Portfolio of selected works & animations.

Pasquale on Flickr
Flickr is where he keeps photos, sketches etc

Pasquale on Twitter
@darkmotion is his Twitter

Sunset Wallpaper

I'm glad to announce another wallpaper I've been working on for quite some time. Now I think it's ready to be released. Enjoy "Sunset", an abstract wallpaper full of atmosphere :)

Sunset Wallpaper

I’m glad to announce another wallpaper I’ve been working on for quite some time. Now I think it’s ready to be released. Enjoy “Sunset”, an abstract wallpaper full of atmosphere :)

Free Social Media Icons & 275 New Premium App Icons

To promote our new application icon set with 275 fantastic icons we’re giving away this free unique set of social media icons. The free Social media icons are available to everyone, and a nice little bonus for anyone buying the full set.

Preview of Function App Icon Set

As you can see from the image below, you get a beautiful free set of social media icons as a free bonus. The other images are available via graphic river at a very cheap price. Download details below the image.

Details & Download

The set is perfect for anyone building a website, online app, or an app of any kind. We’ve made them similar in style to our other sets so you can always use them along side any of the other sets.

Download Full Set

You can grab the full set for $20 from Graphic River right now.

Download Free Social Media Icons

When sharing these icons all we ask is for a simple link back, either a link in the footer, info page, or readme file. If you are using them in any websites/apps/projects a link back would be nice but isn’t necessary. Enjoy & Download the Free Set.

Subscribe & Win 1 of 20 free Copies

We’re giving away 20 free sets of this icon pack (as it’s so big we thought it would be fair to give a few more copies away) To be in for a chance of winning simply follow these Instructions:

1. Subscribe to RSS Feed
If you haven’t already subscribed to us subscribe now.

2. Promote this Page
Promote the premium icons, the free social media icons, or this giveaway. Or all! (You can do this by twitter, your blog, facebook or anything)

3. Give us Feedback
Only comments that mention that they have subscribed & give us their thoughts on the icons, or any ideas for some new icons are eligible to be selected for the competition.

*Eligible entrants will be chosen and given a number, a random number will be generated 10 times (via and those people will get an email about it.

Entries end on 1st of June 2009.

Our Other Icon Set

We have another icon set available on Graphic River, the Function Premium Icon Set is the best selling Icon Set on Graphic River, with a 5 star rating. We make all our sets so that they can be used together, effectively giving you one huge collection of Icons that you can mix & match to your needs. Enjoy these icons and make sure you take part in the give-away above too!

Having fun with the Lighthouse API

I’ve been using Lighthouse since it’s inception, but now that I’m working with the ENTP folks I get to thinking about what to do with Lighthouse a lot more. I’ve had a few ideas on ways to play with the API and I finally got around to implementing one of those ideas with Burndown.

Burndown is a simple little app that adds a new dimension to Lighthouse – Time. It shows you a burndown chart for each milestone in your project, recording the number of open tickets each day so you can see the progress of your milestone. If you’re running in short iterations, it’s a good way to measure your team’s velocity all agile and whatnot. You can see an example for Tender’s current milestone. As a bonus, you can keep tabs on our development on Lighthouse and Tender for the sample install :)


Miniapps are fun

Burndown is what I’d call a miniapp — it can’t survive on it’s own, doesn’t have fancy permissioning, security or even the best code. It just gets the job done. For me, it was a way to play with a lot of new technologies I haven’t played with before. It’s currently running on Heroku, powered by Sinatra & Datamapper, with the front-end powered by jQuery & Raphael. I haven’t touched a single one of these, but the app still only took about a week to build.

If you want to try it out, I’d suggest opening up an account over at Heroku. From there, it should take a few minutes to get your own Burndown instance running.

Some thoughts on the tech

Since this was an all new experience I thought I might share some of my thoughts on the tech I used to build Burndown.

Heroku… rocks

I’d heard great things about Heroku, but never really had a need to play around with it. My first reaction: holy crap this is awesome. Getting the app up and deployed was easier than setting up Wordpress on Dreamhost. That says a lot. That being said, there were definitely some rough patches debugging the app, and I’m really not sure what was causing them. I’m guessing it’s whatever database they’re using, but can’t be certain. Weird ordering with my records.

Datamapper… I’ll take AR, thanks

Datamapper was definitely a struggle. I’m not down with the way conditions work at all. I understand what they’re trying to do here, but :age.gte => 15 is freakin weird lookin Ruby no matter how you slice it. I also ran into quite a few random bugs where my association finders weren’t getting scoped (want an example of a really hard bug to track down?). All in all, I’ll take my ActiveRecord over it any day.

Sinatra… rocks, reloading does not

Sinatra is an awesome little framework. I’ve played around with it in the past to the extent of hacking other people’s code, but never deployed something for myself. It’s a pretty rockin framework, and with PassengerPrefPane it exists seamlessly in my dev environment. Unfortunately the lack of code reloading is really a pain. Can’t tell you how many times I typed in touch tmp/restart.txt

Raphael is awesome, if a bit obfuscated

I wanted to play around with a more powerful graphing library, so I ended up choosing Raphael. The end result is smooth, awesomely extendable, and fast. Unfortunately the sample code is really hard to understand. A few comments in this file would have gone miles. So would have using regular hex color values instead of crazy hue math. There is also zero documentation from what I can tell. Yes, there’s a documentation page… it does not show you how to use it.

When you HTTParty, you must party hard!

My first turn when interacting with the Lighthouse code base was to turn to the Lighthouse API gem, but because of the ActiveSupport dependency — and quite frankly gem conflicts I didn’t want to deal with — I decided to go the HTTParty route. Honestly, it’s just too easy to use. It made dealing with the API a breeze.

Go forth and create Lighthouse miniapps!

Feel free to fork / steal the source (including the design!) and create more miniapps for Lighthouse. Everyone uses bug trackers differently, and sometimes the best idea is to just build the interface / chart / feature you need. This app should cover the basics of saving / validating API keys, as well as some simple examples of how to sync data locally through cron jobs.

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