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Important Social Media Metrics That Matter the Most

Social media marketing is a popular marketing strategy used by brands to achieve their business goals. But your job doesn’t end after you publish your social media posts or launch your social media campaign. You still need to track it to see if your efforts are reaping the results you expect. This is where social media metrics come in.

Social media metrics allow you to determine what works and what doesn’t in your social media strategy. The result is that you can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the plan generates better results.

You can track many social media metrics, but, by and large, they are affected by your social media goals. For example, if your goal is to increase engagement or increase your brand’s reach, then the social media followers, likes, and overall engagement will be part of the key metrics to measure.

That said, here are the five social media metrics that matter the most:


The number of followers shows whether your content is reaching an audience. In a way, it also shows whether your audience finds your brand valuable. The number of your followers on your social media accounts can show your brand’s credibility. This is crucial to have increased engagement and, therefore, to achieving your business goals. 


The growth rate of your followers is also crucial. For example, if the number of your Instagram followers was 5,000 at the beginning of a quarter and still remains the same at the end, it shows that you may need to rework your social media efforts, especially if the goal is to increase your brand’s engagement.

The number of followers also has an amplification effect as your potential audience can see what your immediate audience follows.

Lastly, the number of followers you have affects how well the algorithm pushes your content to the top of the feed, making it important to pay attention to these metrics.

2. Reach

Another metric that matters a lot is your reach. Simply put, reach refers to the number of people who come across your social media content. This metric includes your social media audience and your potential audience base.

It’s important to calculate how well your social posts reach your followers and non-followers. This metric allows you to easily measure how individual posts perform across your social media accounts. For example, on Twitter, you can easily check the number of people who have viewed an individual post. 

Here’s an example of the views on a Tweet placed at the bottom left of the image below.

Your reach could also involve your video views. Many social media platforms show video views per post, giving an idea of how your content performs. Measuring your reach on social platforms can show how successful your social media campaigns are.

It can also provide information on your number of active followers, potential audience, and how large your audience base is. Rather than showing the viewers who come across your social media content multiple times, social media reach calculates the number of unique visitors or viewers per single post.

Calculating your reach can help you measure your brand awareness growth across social networks over time. On some social media sites, the reach is broken down into different categories such as organic reach, viral reach, and paid reach.

Organic reach refers to the number of viewers on original posts. This type of reach does not involve sponsored posts or ad posts.

Viral reach, meanwhile, includes the number of viewers who come across your content because of other users. For example, the number of people who view your content because of reactions or shares by other users.

Paid reach calculates the reach of paid content such as ads and sponsored posts.

3. Engagement

One of the most important social media metrics is engagement. Engagement is a broad category that includes other subcategories. Each social network has its engagement metrics such as comments, retweets, shares, and likes. They show whether people find your content valuable or interesting and whether, ultimately, your social media strategy suits your audience. 

It’s quite easy to view these metrics on your social channels. It is one of the prominent features of each social media post. The likes on a Facebook post, for instance, can be found right underneath a post:


The total engagement rate is calculated by adding the total number of interactions, shares, comments, and other engagements for a specific period. It is then divided by the total number of followers and multiplied by 100. Use an Instagram engagement rate calculator to check the ER for any account.

However, the formula may vary slightly depending on the social media channel. For example, on Facebook, the engagement rate by followers is measured by adding the number of reactions, shares, and comments. The total is then divided by the number of followers and multiplied by 100.

The engagement rate per post can be calculated by dividing the number of engagements by the reach or the number of impressions. The amplification rate is also part of the engagement metrics.

It refers to the number of shares on average per social media post. Measuring your engagement on social media can give an idea of your brand recognition and popularity. It is critical to your overall social media strategy.

Social media networks keep adding different features for engagement, so it’s important to stay up to date with the possible engagements to measure. You can track your engagement manually or by using a social media analytics tool.

To increase engagement, make sure you create excellent content. Use visuals as much as possible. Also, don’t just write engaging copy. Write it in straightforward and plain language, too, so your audience can easily understand your message and relate to it.

4. Click-Through Rate 

The click-through rate (CTR) refers to the rate at which people click on links included in your social media content. For example, the link could lead to a blog post or other types of content. Click-throughs show the people who are interested in interacting with more of your content.

To calculate the CTR, divide the number of clicks by the total number of impressions. To determine whether your CTR is good or not, you can compare the results to the industry benchmarks. A low click-through rate shows that viewers do not find your content relevant enough to click the links.

5. Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is also one of the important metrics to track on your social accounts. The conversion rate shows how your social content leads to a desired conversion, such as a sale, download, or subscription. The desired action should be written in straightforward language to encourage viewers to do what you want them to do.

To calculate your conversion rate on social media, you can use trackable call-to-action links, such as a free URL shortener. Use this to track the conversions each post has gained. To calculate the conversion rate, divide the total number of conversions by the total number of clicks, multiplied by 100.

Tracking your conversion rate is important as it shows how your social media content is performing, as well as the overall success of your social media campaign.

In Closing

Social media is an important tool for many businesses. But you shouldn’t just run social media campaigns and expect the best results. Track campaigns with the right metrics, too. This way, you can make the necessary tweaks to your next campaign and, ultimately, generate better results.  

You learned the most important metrics to track from this article: your followers, reach, engagement, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

When combined, they can give a wholesome view of your social media campaign performance. Use them to your advantage.

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How to Recruit the Next Generation of Women Sales Leaders

It’s no secret that women are in the minority when it comes to the sales industry. As the industry continues to evolve and customers become more diverse, having a range of voices in leadership can make the difference between success and failure. With more than 58% of salespeople being male, it’s more important than ever to focus on recruiting and retaining women in sales leadership roles. This article will cover how to attract, recruit and retain more women sales leaders.

Here are some steps you can take to help recruit and retain more women in sales leadership roles.

Identify the qualities of a successful female sales leader

Knowing what you’re looking for and what end goals you have is the start of anything in life and recruiting saleswomen is no different.

That said, a successful female sales leader is, first and foremost, an excellent communicator. She can listen intently to her customers, understand their needs and effectively articulate how her product or service can meet those needs. She can engage with stakeholders at all levels of the organization, including executives, and create a level of trust and mutual understanding.

Second, a successful female sales leader is highly organized and detail-oriented. She understands the importance of tracking progress against targets, as well as staying on top of crucial customer activities to ensure success. Her organizational skills help her prioritize tasks and use resources efficiently while managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Lastly, a successful female sales leader is driven by results. She sets challenging yet achievable goals for herself and works hard to exceed them whenever possible. Her commitment to meeting objectives demonstrates her capability and dedication to achieving success in her role within the organization. In addition, she has an eye for spotting opportunities that could benefit the company’s bottom line and a passion for exceeding customer expectations wherever possible.

Create an attractive job description to attract potential candidates

Helping women understand that sales is a viable career option require an attractive job description that speaks to their needs. Consider highlighting the ability to work remotely or flexibly, as well as the potential for advancement and growth within the organization.

Draw attention to essential qualities and skills required for success in sales. Make sure to emphasize those that apply specifically to female candidates, such as communication, organization, and drive toward results. Emphasize team culture, collaboration opportunities, and other perks that could appeal to women, such as childcare support or mentorship programs. Be sure also to include salary expectations if possible so potential candidates can accurately gauge their suitability for the role before applying.

For example, imagine you are considering a position for a sales representative selling Magento website support. While this is usually a position that men tend to dominate, making the job description more attractive for women can be done by emphasizing that this type of site support is a rapidly growing field with plenty of opportunities for professional growth. 

You could also highlight that the position requires excellent communication and organizational skills and that the employee would directly impact customer satisfaction. Additionally, you could emphasize the potential for career advancement within the organization due to satisfactory performance in the role.

As a woman, such a job description would be much more attractive than a bland listing that doesn’t address the above.

Utilize social media platforms and your company’s blog to promote your open positions

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of candidates for sales leadership positions is to utilize social media platforms. Posting open roles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be a great way to attract potential candidates with the skills, experience, and drive needed for success in sales leadership.

When promoting open positions on these platforms, it’s essential to include more details and facts than you would in a traditional job posting. This will help to create higher semantic richness, making it easier for potential candidates to understand the role better. 

Using photos of successful female team members in similar roles can help further reinforce your commitment to creating greater diversity within your organization.

Another great way to leverage social media platforms is by highlighting relevant industry news and trends which directly relate to the open positions. This helps demonstrate that your organization is keeping up with industry developments and provides prospective candidates with valuable insight into how their role will impact the business beyond just meeting targets or increasing revenue.

If you haven’t yet started a blog for your company, now can be a great time to do so. Creating blog posts about success stories of female sales leaders in your organization is one way to inspire more women to consider this career path.

If you’re unsure what to post on your blog, consider sharing the stories of female sales leaders in your organization or other industry-leading organizations. Highlighting how these women have become successful in their roles and what advice they have for prospective candidates can be extremely helpful to job seekers looking to make a career change into sales.

You can also leverage SEO content writing services to create blog posts that help generate more organic traffic and boost your opportunities for recruiting talented sales candidates.

Develop a recruitment process that is tailored to women’s needs

What do women need in a recruitment process? A tailored recruitment process designed to meet the needs of female candidates can be a great way to attract potential job seekers. This could include ensuring flexible working arrangements, such as part-time or remote working options, which will enable women to balance their careers with other commitments. Additionally, offering greater transparency regarding salary expectations and opportunities for development and promotion within the organization can also increase women’s confidence when considering applying for a sales leadership position.

Taking a lead out of winning strategies from sales situations themselves and using them in recruitment is a great way to move forward. For example, if you know that video email marketing boosts sales for real estate agents,  you can use it to promote your recruitment process in this arena. Offering a personalized video message to each potential candidate that makes it to the interview stage can help to make them feel valued and give them a better idea of the culture within the organization.

Host events and workshops specifically for female sales leaders

These events can provide an opportunity for women to network with other experienced professionals, learn more about the industry, and get insights into what it takes to be successful in a sales leadership role. They can also give you a chance to showcase your organization’s values and why it’s worth applying for this position.

These events are particularly beneficial if you’re looking to recruit diverse talent from outside the usual candidate pool. Offering opportunities such as mentoring, internships, or apprenticeships that have been created with women in mind can help women gain the skills and experience required for success in sales leadership roles. Events should also include panel discussions and Q&A sessions that allow attendees to ask questions or voice their concerns in a safe space.

Connect with local universities and colleges to find potential candidates

Another great way to increase diversity in your sales leadership team is by connecting with local universities and colleges. There is often a range of courses specifically designed for female students, such as Women in Leadership Business Administration, which could be a great source of potential candidates. 

By attending career fairs or joining professional networking events at these schools, you can build relationships with passionate and ambitious young women who may be ready to take their next career step within your organization.

Additionally, researching internship programs that offer permutations from student placements could also be beneficial. Not only will this provide an opportunity for students to gain work experience and develop critical skills, but it could also open up unique recruitment opportunities, allowing you to gain insight into the skills and experiences of potential sales leaders before offering them a position.

Make sure you have an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive, regardless of gender or background

An environment where everyone feels accepted, valued, and respected for their contributions is essential for any organization. To ensure you have an inclusive work culture that encourages diversity in sales leadership roles, there are several steps you can take. 

Firstly, ensure your recruitment process doesn’t eliminate potential candidates based on gender or other characteristics. Secondly, incorporate diversity into existing team meetings and activities to ensure everyone feels like they belong in the company. Finally, create an open-door policy where anyone can speak up if they feel uncomfortable or discriminated against in the workplace.

Driving sales managers’ productivity starts when you hire and onboard new employees. When recruiting for sales leaders, it is essential to recognize the impact of having a diverse team and take action to create an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to thrive. 

Offer mentorship opportunities for aspiring female sales leaders in your organization

Finally, offering mentorship opportunities to aspiring female sales leaders in your organization is a great way to ensure they are provided with the resources and guidance needed to succeed. This could include setting up formal or informal mentoring programs, providing access to mentors who have succeeded in the industry, or encouraging employees to seek advice when needed. It can also be beneficial for organizations to offer training and development programs specifically designed for women. These initiatives can help build confidence and equip employees with the skills necessary to take on leadership roles.

Suppose you’re a business creating an e-commerce strategy content to improve sales. In that case, mentorship opportunities can help ensure that female sales leaders have access to the same resources and guidance as their male counterparts. 

Such guidance not only helps women create content that resonates with their customers but also provides invaluable feedback and support that can improve their overall sales performance.


With the right combination of leadership, training, and mentorship, you can create an effective sales strategy that incorporates the strengths of both women and men. This will help you maximize revenue opportunities and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

By taking these steps and creating an inclusive environment that encourages female representation at all levels of your organization, you will be well-positioned to foster a diverse sales team of both women and men that can drive success for your business.

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Best Business Ideas to Try Out

Innovation is the key to success in today’s business world. If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, you must develop innovative ideas that will set you apart from your competitors. 

The following are some of the most innovative business ideas currently being implemented by entrepreneurs around the globe:

Drone delivery services

Drones are legal in many countries. We can use drone delivery services for a variety of purposes, including the following:

Drone delivery businesses are an emerging business idea that offers entrepreneurs a high degree of flexibility and control over their businesses. In addition to being cost-effective, they can also utilize drone delivery services for emergencies, such as when roads are blocked off due to natural disasters or accidents.

Artificial intelligence-powered digital assistants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that mimics human intelligence. AI is making it possible to automate tasks once thought too complex for machines, such as driving cars and diagnosing diseases.

Benefits of AI:

  • It’s more cost-effective – AI systems can perform tasks at a fraction of the cost of human workers.
  • It improves efficiency – Machines allow businesses to work more efficiently and effectively by automating repetitive tasks or processes so that employees free up time for other things. 

It also allows employees to focus on value-adding activities, which bring about greater productivity levels at lower costs in a business organization compared to traditional ways in which human beings used manual labor and artificial tools during production processes etc.

Augmented reality technology

Augmented reality technology is one of the most exciting things happening in the world right now. It’s used to create a computer-generated environment overlaid in the real world, using information from your smartphone camera.

As well as being useful for gaming and entertainment, augmented reality can also be used for educational purposes – like when you hold up your phone to a plant to get information about what kind it is.

Computer education to the masses

Computer education for the masses is an idea that has been gaining momentum in recent years. As the world increasingly relies on technology, there will be a growing demand for qualified computer users. 

This can be a good business idea if you understand computers and enjoy teaching others about them.

As with any other business idea, it’s essential to consider your options before deciding on this one. You’ll need to assume whether there is enough demand for your services and how much time you’re willing/able to spend on developing your skills as an educator (as well as other possible areas of expertise).

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are the future of transportation. They will eliminate human error and make road travel safer, which is why most countries around the world have begun exploring how to integrate autonomous vehicles into their infrastructure. As a result, there has never been a better time to invest in self-driving car technology. 

You could be an early adopter and help shape the industry by working with car manufacturers or tech companies developing software platforms for autonomous driving. Or you could start your own business by offering ride-sharing services via self-driving vehicles. Either way, this is one of the best future business ideas out there right now—and it’s only going to get better!

Facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology is a great business idea to try out. It can use to identify criminals and keep them from committing more crimes. What can also use technology to identify people in security cameras, photos, and videos? Additionally, it can help identify people on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Facial recognition technology involves taking photos or videos of your subject’s face with your phone’s camera app and uploading it into an app that uses this type of software (such as Find Face). The app will then run algorithms on the photo, which return the other person’s name, age and gender based on facial features such as jawline length or nose width.

Fitness business ideas

Fitness business ideas are great if you want to follow your passion. There are so many ways of making money with fitness; this is one area where information is abundant. Being physically fit gives you more energy, increases your productivity and makes you more attractive.

It’s not just about looking good but also feeling good! 

A healthy lifestyle will help improve your overall well-being and reduce health problems. With so much online information, getting started in the fitness industry is easy. A few simple steps can set up a successful gym or personal training business that could earn you handsome monthly profits for years to come!

Mobile app design and development services

Mobile application development is a big business, with app downloads increasing by over 90% in the past five years. If you’re considering developing a mobile app, it’s essential to understand the costs involved and how you can use it in your business model.

Mobile applications are built around software platforms like Android and iOS, which allow you to use your phone as an interface for apps. They’re often designed as standalone programs that can run on the user’s device without any Internet connection or server support. The variety of mobile apps available today is staggering—there are apps for everything from entertainment to travel booking—and some companies have even created entire businesses based on them (such as Uber).

Creating a successful app requires careful planning and consideration of both technical feasibility and marketing strategy:

Blogging and publishing business ideas

You can get started with a blog quickly. You only need a domain name, some hosting, and a WordPress theme. You don’t even need to know how to code—plenty of great free articles out there will give your site a professional look without hiring anyone.

A self-hosted website might be for you if you want something more than just a website—the ability to publish articles regularly or even sell products or services through it.

Vintage goods sales business ideas

Vintage goods refer to pre-loved items that you can sell at a higher price than the original retail price. Most of these items have an interesting story behind them, and most people like to buy them because of their uniqueness, hence the high demand for vintage goods. 

The best example is when you get an old and rare watch from your grandfather or grandmother, which they used in their early days, this will give a sense of history while giving additional value to the item.


The world is changing, and so is how we do business. Technology is bringing about a new era, and it’s up to us to adapt and innovate. This list contains some of the most innovative business ideas you can try today. We hope our readers will find these ideas interesting enough to pursue them further!

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7 Best QR Code Generators In 2023 For Small Businesses

The prominence of QR Code usage for small businesses has changed 360 degrees in this post-COVID era. From marketing purposes and product placement to event promotion, they are everywhere. These Codes have become a great way to increase brand awareness and share information quickly. 

Considering the versatility of QR Codes, it makes sense to explore options. They have become an increasingly popular tool for businesses of all sizes to share information and promote their products or services. With the right QR Code generator, small businesses can easily create and track their marketing campaigns with maximum efficiency.

In this blog post, we will compare the features and pricing of different QR Code generators to help you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to create QR Codes for product links, contact information, or any other type of data, there is a QR Code generator out there that can help you get the job done. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the best QR Code generators for small businesses in 2023.

Reviews of the 7 Best QR Code Generators for Small Businesses 

Here are the best QR Code Generators for Small Businesses in 2023:

1. Beaconstac (Best Overall)


Beaconstac’s QR Code generator solution is curated to meet any size of business – whether an individual, a small business, or a large corporation. Being the only QR Code generator with enterprise-level SSO, GDPR compliance, and SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 certification, the solution is guaranteed to protect its users’ data from any authorized access. 

You can also create static and dynamic QR Codes for a variety of applications, including digital business cards, PDF QR Codes, Google Form QR Codes, QR Codes for postcards, QR Codes for menu cards and many more. You can even take it a step ahead and create a multilingual QR Code to reach a global audience. 

The solution offers seamless connections with Zapier, Google Analytics, Workato, and several other programs to automate workflows and reduce data silos to make this possible.

Key features 

  • Options to easily change the logo, color, frames, and CTA text. 
  • Bulk QR Codes can be generated by adding up to 2000 URLs. This tool will be handy if you are operating multiple businesses.
  • Corporations can add multiple users, configuring them into teams where separate QR Codes can be generated for each of them. This will help in the better analysis of their performance. 
  • Best customization options for QR Codes to stand out from other generic QR Codes.


  • Download high quality QR Codes for print in formats that suit your marketing strategies.
  • Data can be measured and retargeted on Google Ads and Facebook Pixel.
  • Integration with third-party apps such as Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Canva etc.
  • Exceptional customer service.


  • No free version is available. 

Create a QR Code with Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator

2. QR Code Tiger


QR Code Tiger is yet another one-stop solution for all your business QR Code needs. With ideal pricing policies and completely customer-directed services, there is no denial for it being the most preferred application. 

Other pre-eminent features include lifetime valid QR Codes, a dynamic QR Code generator, a bulk QR Code generator, data tracking options, a static QR Code generator, and a QR Code generator with a logo. 

Key features

  • Advanced tools such as 2FA ensure the safety of your data. Round-the-clock human and artificial intelligence survival keeps your data from any cyber-attacks. 
  • Option to create a free QR Code generator with a logo.
  • Already existing content or URL can be updated quickly without making changes to the QR Code.
  • QR tracking options to learn the number of scans, location, and device type.


  • Offers a free trial.
  • Real-time data tracking.
  • Editable URL with dynamic QR Codes.
  • No advertisements.
  • Good customer service.


  • Interfaces are not up to date.

Create a QR Code with QR Code Tiger’s Generator

3. Wix QR Generator


High-quality QR Codes that are entirely customizable can be created through Wix‘s QR Code generator. These QR Codes comply with almost all modes of sharing. 

This solution can generate QR Codes for SMS, phone, image, wifi, URL, Vcard, email, geolocation, and PDF. Plus, this custom QR Code generator is free and open even for non-Wix users.

Key features 

  • All QR Codes can be managed from a single dashboard. 
  • 33 color combination options to match your branding. 
  • Once a QR Code is created, it is valid for a lifetime. 
  • Testing your QR Code before sharing is possible to see any alterations in the landing page. 


  • Highly quality QR Codes.
  • Real-time performance analysis.
  • QR Code’s background can be customized to match your business. 
  • Allows you to save your QR Code in SVG, PNG, or JPEG formats. 


  • Once you choose a template, there are no options for switching. 

Create a QR Code with Wix’s QR Code Generator

4. QR Code Chimp 


QR Code Chimp is another top-rated platform for creating QR Codes for business and marketing. Being one of the best free QR Code generators, you can create QR Codes for social media, Google Forms, Google Maps, payments, restaurant menus, pet ID tags, etc. 

Real-time analytics assists in understanding the performance rate of your scans. It also allows you to read the statistics and help reformulate or enhance your strategy. 

Key features 

  • White-label option gives full control over your branding. 
  • Converting any image to a QR Code will provide a unique appearance and attract more scans. 
  • Add a logo and change the background formats to match your branding. 
  • Bulk upload and folder features allow you to easily scale your campaign.


  • Integrates with Google Analytics.
  • Pro analytics tool to track scans.
  • QR Codes in various shapes and designs. 
  • Easy customization. 


  • Switching from a yearly plan to monthly billing is not possible.
  • Lacks advanced features.

Create a QR Code with QR Code Chimp’s Generator

5. QR Creator 


QR Creator is an ideal QR Code generator for small businesses. Through this solution, you can generate QR Codes for single and multiple URLs. Moreover, previewing and downloading a QR Code is straightforward without any hardships. 

You can design QR Codes for email addresses, email with preset, SMS, plain text, contact information, and for events. In addition, you can download QR Codes in PNG, SVG, or JPG formats. 

Key features 

  • Track the performance of your QR Code via Bitly. 
  • QR Codes, once generated, can be used for a lifetime.
  • Modify the URL of the landing page without making any changes to the QR within minutes.
  • Detects the OS of the mobile phones used and lands in the respective browser.


  • Artistic QR Code where a picture or photo can be added. 
  • Plain, round, and dotted QR can be generated.
  • Colors and margin specifications can be assigned.
  • Plural links for languages can be put in a single QR Code.


  • Scan statistics data is limited. 

Create a QR Code with QR Creator’s Generator


Source: is another excellent free QR Code generator in the market. You have the option for multiple downloads of already created QR Codes. 

You can create QR Codes for URLs, text, Vcard, SMS, call, geolocation, events, calendar, and wifi. Plus, QR Codes can be printed on merchandise such as bags or T-shirts. 

Key features 

  • Changes can be made to the landing URL without changing the QR Code.
  • Analyzing the performance, such as the number of scans by date, location, and time is possible. 
  • The absence of advertisements in the platform provides an uninterrupted experience. 
  • Option to add logo or image to the QR Code.


  • High-resolution QR Codes can be generated along with print quality. 
  • Apt for printing QR Codes on shirts, mugs, business cards, caps, and stickers.


  • QR Codes with logos cannot be self-made. Details regarding the same have to be sent to the developers who will design and send them back to you. It may cost up to $80.

Create a QR Code with’s QR Code Generator

7. Shopify


Shopify’s free online QR Code generator allows you to create QR Codes for product links, contact information, and other types of data. It offers the ability to customize the design and color of the QR Code, add a logo or image to the center of the QR Code, and track the number of scans of the QR Code.

 Key features 

  • Simple and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly generate QR Codes for a variety of data types, including product links, contact information, and more.
  • Supports a wide range of data types, including text, URLs, email addresses.


  • It’s free to use.
  • Easy to create and share.


  • No much room for customization.
  • No dynamic QR Codes.

Create a QR Code with Shopify’s QR Code Generator

How To Choose The Right QR Code Generator Solution For Your Small Business? 

After going through the QR Code generator solutions in the market, we feel these are the features you must look for. 

  1. Easy to create – QR Codes should be easy to create and customize. Numerous choices for layout, colors, and templates should be offered by the developer. This will help you explore the options available and help you create a stunning design.
  1. Easy to share – QR Codes should be easy to share. It should also support sharing it on different platforms. Few applications allow you to share it in the form of text and images only. Most applications allow you to share via email, Vcard, events, and SMS. 
  1. Customization – This option allows you to create QR Codes with custom shapes, colors, artistic codes, image codes, pdf to codes, etc. Ensure to choose a solution that provides many customization options.
  1. Security – Your business’s landing page usually contains all the critical information used to convert users into customers and, furthermore, takes in sensitive data from users through the QR Code. You should choose a QR Code generator that is safe and reliable. Considering applications that come with top-notch security certification and compliance is advisable rather than trusting an unreliable choice.
  1. Integration – No matter your industry, digital business cards are great for lead generation. So to quantify your data, the solutions support integration with leading CRM tools like HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Comparison of the Top QR Code Generators OF 2023

Based on the 4 crucial criteria for choosing the best QR Code generator out there – usability, sharing, distribution, and affordability- we have further compared the above-discussed solutions and created the following comparison table for easy decision-making.

BeaconstacEasyEasy Advanced yet easy-to-use14-day free trial. Paid plans are affordable 
QR Code TigerEasyEasy Easy Includes a free plan. Paid plans are expensive 
Wix QR GeneratorEasyEasy Moderate Free
QR Code ChimpEasyModerate Challenging Includes a free plan. Paid plans are moderately priced 
QR CreatorModerateEasy Moderate Free
goQR.meModerate Moderate Easy Free


As a small business, QR Codes are the best investments you can make to scale up. But choosing the correct QR Code generator can be tricky with the market flooded with options. 

We hope our article has furnished you with all the essential information. By experimenting and exploring the features, you can choose the best application that suits your requirement. If you have any queries or want to share your experience using any of these tools, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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How To Build an App Like Netflix?

Netflix has seen an exponential rise in its user base after it expanded its operations to online video streaming services. The platform currently serves around 223 million subscribers and generated revenue of around $30 billion in 2021. Even after getting tough competition from Disney, Paramount, and other key players in the market, Netflix has successfully maintained its growth with time.

Though several on-demand video streaming platforms are introduced every year, the market still looks positive for new entrants to bridge certain gaps. A study from future market insights concludes that the video streaming market will grow to $750 billion by 2031 from $60 billion in 2020, registering an exceptional CAGR of around 24%. 

In this article, we take you through a business model and process of building a video streaming app like Netflix.

The Story Behind Netflix’s Success

Netflix initially started as a DVD mail service business in 1997. By 1999, customers could place their orders on Netflix’s website and DVDs were then mailed to them. And finally, in 2007, Netflix started streaming movies online directly to customers’ homes.

From delivering DVDs to streaming wholly-owned shows, Netflix has emerged as a leader in streaming services after a long struggle.

 Here are some stats regarding Netflix’s usage and growth:-

  • Netflix was the first international streaming service provider.
  • 75 million adults from the US and Canada have Netflix subscriptions.
  • An average Netflix user spends around 3.2 hours daily streaming the content. 
  • Netflix gained around 15.77 million users during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Netflix is one of the biggest clients of Amazon Web Services. The company pays around $9.5 million per month for cloud data usage to Amazon.

Business And Revenue Model of Streaming Apps Like Netflix

Netflix works with a subscription-based model where users subscribe to the application to watch the content for a fixed period depending upon the package availed. Netflix has no free subscription for its content, meaning that every user has to avail of the subscription to access the video content. However, Netflix does allow password sharing for its subscribers and a large number of users benefit from this relaxation provided by the company. The company recently announced that it will revisit its password-sharing policy in the coming times.

Further, Netflix has different monetization methods to generate revenue depending on its target location and audiences.

Some of the most used monetization models used by businesses in the similar domain are:-

  • Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD)
  • Transactional Video On-Demand (TVOD)
  • Ad-supported Videos (ASOD)

Recently, Netflix has come up with a basic plan with ads for users in a few countries at more affordable rates.

Features checklist For a Streaming App Development


Your video streaming application should have an easy registration process for users. A new user can become impatient and depart if they can’t complete the task in a short amount of time. The process can be made as quick and easy as possible by including a sign-up through social media networks.

Watch Lists

Analyzing customer behavior is one of the key features of making your app user-friendly. Your Netflix-like app should have a watch list feature that recommends videos to the viewers that match their interests.

Multi-Language Support

Multilingual and multi-currency support help in targeting a wider audience across multiple regions. This also helps in building a connection with users to the next level and allows you to promote your services with more flexibility. Only 25% of internet users are native English speakers, so it becomes important to cater to the remaining 75% as well. 

Payment gateway

Most users abandon their purchases and subscription if they don’t get their preferred way to make their payments. It’s important to have a payment gateway with multiple payment options including wallets and cards integrated into your Netflix-like mobile app to provide ease of payments to the users.

10 Countries With Highest Netflix Users

Though Netflix enjoys a huge fan base across the globe, there are some countries where Netflix is significantly popular among users. Below is a list of 10 countries with the highest numbers of Netflix users.

10. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom accounts for 33.8% of Netflix’s user penetration. Black Mirror, End of the f**king world, and Collateral are the most-watched originals in the UK. 

9. Germany

Germany has a 35.5% user penetration for Netflix. Dark and Babylon Berlin are the notable original series watched in Germany. 

8. Finland

Finland has a 39.7% user penetration for Netflix with a population of 5.97 million. The most popular series in the country is Bordertown.

 7. Australia

Australia has a large number of Netflix users. The current user penetration for Netflix in Australia is 42.7%. The most binge-watched originals in the state are Glitch and Letdown.

6. The Netherlands

The country has 43.6% user penetration for Netflix with a total population of around 17 million. As per Statista, around 4.2 million households paid for Netflix subscriptions, and the rest relied on password sharing. 

5. Sweden

Sweden has around 50% user penetration for Netflix. Bonus family is one of the most-watched originals in Sweden.

4. Denmark

Denmark has 59.4% user penetration for Netflix. Rita is the most-watched web series on Netflix in Denmark. The total population of the country is 59.03 million. In November 2021, around 52 thousand users downloaded Netflix actively through the App Store. In comparison, Netflix’s active downloads through the Play Store amounted to about 57 thousand in that same month.

3. Canada

Canada with 56.3% user penetration comes as the country with the third highest user penetration for NetFlix. Alias Grace, Anne with E, Travelers, and many more web series are popular in the country. Canada as we know is also the second-largest country in the world.

2. Norway

Norway is the second-highest country with the highest user penetration of 62.4 % for Netflix. The country has a population of only 5 million. The most-watched originals in Norway are Lilyhammer, Borderliner, and Nobel.

1. The United States

The United States, where Netflix was actually born has 64.5% user penetration for Netflix. The country has the highest number of users for video streaming applications. Notably, the country also has a large population of 325.7 million. The most popular video content on Netflix watched in the United States includes Stranger Things, House of Cards, and many more.

Required Technology Stack For Creating An App Netflix

It might be difficult to create an application that appears exactly like Netflix as they have some unique in-house services to support its operations. Netflix uses a complex and diverse tech stack with multiple technologies for streamlined operations and better user experience.  

The existing tech stack used by Netflix includes

  • Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, Swift
  • Framework: React, NodeJS, WinJS
  • Databases: DynamoDB
  • Server: Amazon EC2 and RDS

However, you can frame your own tech stack after listing out the features and creating the final software requirement document for your mobile app. 

Steps To Create An App Like Netflix 

Find Your Niche

Video content has gained popularity in multiple categories and video platforms targeting micro niches have huge potential in current times. Netflix mainly focuses on entertainment-based content and most of the shows on the platform had an existing fanbase which helped it flourish.

You can select a content category for your video streaming app depending on your target audience. Furthermore, you can go for content categories that you can distribute easily among the audience.

Choose The Monetization Model

Due to the fact that videos are easy to consume and attract more attention from the audience, it gets easier to monetize the videos with multiple options. The widely practiced monetization methods by video streaming platforms are Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD), Transactional Video On-Demand (TVOD), and Ad-supported Videos (ASOD).

Study The Video Streaming App Requirements

Checking out the features list for video streaming apps mentioned above, you can narrow down your video app requirements depending on your target audience and region. The key requirements for building an app like NetFlix can include:

  • Stable network connectivity
  • Security
  • User experience
  • Capabilities of app
  • Develop An MVP for an On-Demand Video Streaming App

Before entering the market with a full-fledged product with all your money invested into it, you should try testing your business idea with a minimum viable product. MVP allows you to experiment with multiple tweaks and features for your business idea and app with optimized risks. For developing an MVP you will require to list out the basic and essential features of your application and then hire an MVP development company to get the job done.

Gather Feedback

After you launch your MVP app in the market, you can start onboarding users through various advertising mediums. This will also help you in creating awareness about your app among your target audience and region.

Following, you ask the most active users of your mobile application to fill out surveys regarding app performance and required enhancements in terms of features and user experience. 

How To Select a Mobile App Development Company For Your Video Streaming Business Idea

A reliable development partner plays a crucial role in developing a mobile app similar to Netflix. Always choose a company with relevant experience in mobile app development for video-streaming apps. The company you select should have in-house teams of expert developers, business analysts, and marketers to build a competitive solution for your business idea.

Furthermore, make sure the company employs a transparent process for all development projects and uses proper tools to track the progress of the development process. This helps in the efficient use of hours purchased by you for the project. 

The Final Word

Netflix has been constantly improving its services and often tests new features for better user experiences. When developing a video streaming app like Netflix, industry-specific requirements such as cloud infrastructure, responsiveness to devices, etc play a major role in the capable end product. Post analyzing the business model of Netflix you can also modify it and frame your own business model.

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